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Best of the blogfest, or how to increase your traffic using a crazy topic
You can get a lot of people talking about something with a blogfest. Many of the less well-established blogs on the list saw major traffic boosts as a result of their participation. But the big jump in traffic on the group blog set up by organizer Stephanie Weaver was especially interesting to me. She sent in a note to Blogger, letting them know, and they highlighted the blog. Instant jump to thousands of page views. of course Blogger would not have done this if they didn't think the concept was interesting. So the formula remains the same -- you can get publicity if you have something interesting to say. read more

Extra touches at convention hotel ladiesroom
...when a convention centre goes to some extra effort to add comforting touches, it is noticeable. The Westin Bayshore was practically flawless in this area. See what they did with their bathrooms to keep conference goers happy. read more

Dining upscale casual and how this has improved the ladiesroom
Join us on a visit to Wildcraft in Waterloo, and see how this dining trend has changed the ladiesroom experience. People in our group were encouraging those who 'didn't have to go' to 'go anyway', just so they could see it. Lots of good pix, thank goodness for camera phones! read more

Taking the brand into the bathroom
In a retail space designed to profile a brand, what should the bathrooms look like? This question is addressed on Flooring the Consumer by guest author Marianne Cone. Ms. Cone visited the M&M's World and Hershey's stores in Times Square and discovered... that all the attention on the brand image completely disappears with the bathroom. read more of this round-up article

A family bathroom for a family restaurant

There's a neighborhood in Toronto we call Little India. It's really more Little Pakistan, but whatever. There's an iconic restaurant there called the Lahore Tikka House. It's been under renovation for at least two years, but in the fashion of this culture, they've continued to run the restaurant the whole time, building as resources permit. The staff are delightful, and the food is excellent, plentiful, and inexpensive. read more

Cleaning up the ladiesroom
The bathroom blogfest was cooked up on a let's-get-acquainted phone call between me and San Diego blogger Stephanie Weaver (Experienceology) a little over a year ago. We wanted a blogfest topic that related to customer experience but not in a specialized way … we tagged it ladiesrooms. ... What's the point of this? Well, every human being has to use the bathroom. But most organizations act like the bathroom is just a nuisance. read more


Anonymous said...

I do hope you touch on the subject of bathroom humor, and things you can never say in a public restroom ;-)
My favorite subject!

C.L. Carter said...

I find your blog very interesting, and as a new blogger, I would love to be as "connected" as you seem to be. This topic cought my attention because both my brother and my friend run bar/eateries and have CONSTANT problems with the ladies rooms. They often have to be shut down before closing because of damage to plumbing or just the mess. This is, I should point out, during mini concerts with crowds of a couple hundred or so. I feel like the nicer a restroom is decorated, the better it will be treated. I have seen lavish restrooms with couches and so forth that caused you to nearly "straighten up" when you walk in LOL. Anyway, I will come back to read more when I have time. Nice blog.

chimerastone said...

I guess you haven't been to bathroom where there's nothing but a hole in the ground. No I didn't use it, I waited till I found a proper toilet.

Or How about a toliet which couldn't flush and nicely decorated with poo. This was just the seat as well.

Bathroom Blogfest said...

Thanks everyone for the comments!
I think there is a lot of improvement in this area, but yes, there are jerks everywhere unfortunately. I always feel sorry for the cleaning staff who must hate this kind of thing.

Avitov said...
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Anonymous said...

I wanted to share this question on Useless Advice From useless Men debating seat up or seat down.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, I never really thought about the appearance of bathrooms!

Unknown said...

quick story about the nastiest bathroom i have ever been in:

i lived in ecuador for 2 months this summer. namely, i lived with a group of students from ASU in the middle-of-nowhere-Amazon. this one night we went to a neighboring community's "fiesta." they had a public bathroom... let's just say... there were piles [and when i say piles, i mean PILES. about knee high piles] of poo in the corners of this 2x4 foot stall. the toilet was brimming with more poo and (obviously) woulnd't flush. another corner was for the used toilet paper - it was piled up about 3 feet high. and the best part? it was night, and there were no lights in the bathroom. so you can imagine walking into a pitch black stall and having no idea what you are walking in...

thought you would enjoy the story!

William Fatner said...

It's fat people that destroy bathrooms the worst. I will be blogging about it shortly at

K. Morton said...

I love a great bathroom, wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

Do You Wonder?

Avitov said...

My dear Avitov,

I thank you for your strong comments which have the ring of truth and great depth of feeling - qualities I personally respect and value. Unfortunately the humans who wield political power in my country are morally very weak people and that's why they are such absolute hypocrites. Hypocrisy is a disease of people without the courage to preach what they practise.

An honest pirate admits to being a pirate, and a decent murderer also confesses to his or her crime and gladly accepts the consequences. Not so the despicable specimens who have risen to power and fattened their Swiss bank accounts through the political patronage of feudal lords.

Malaysians have been silently watching the fiasco that passes itself off as a murder trial. This is why we are determined to see the judiciary reformed - in fact, completely overhauled. In the 1980s Malaysians were making money and this money corrupted their values, which is why they kept quiet and allowed a would-be dictator to distort reality according to his own will. Now it is clear to everybody who has even half a brain cell that Justice is almost completely dead in this country. It was blown to smithereens along with Altantuya Shaariibuu, whom I regard as a beloved sister.

I assure you that most Malaysian people, though weak because life is too comfortable here, are actually lovable human beings. It's only our so-called government that has gone beyond tolerable limits of criminal mismanagement. Last week 40-50 thousand of us defied the prime minister and the police by marching for clean elections. That was a sign that the dark days of demonic misrule are nearly at an end. And be it so."

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