Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bathroom Blogfest 2011: Day 3

Bathroom Blogfest 2011
I am in awe over what the 2011 Bathroom Blogfest participants have come up with! You need to check these blog articles out... now!

Bill Buyok - @AventeTile - from Avente Tile Talk Blog shares the most amazing tile bathrooms in Climb Out & Build a Bathroom Experience with Tile

Jeanne Byington - @ jmbyington - from The Importance of Earnest Service writes about In Service of Climbing Out in which she interviews New York interior designer John Buscarello, ASID.

Joseph Michelli - @josephmichelli - from Dr. Joseph Michelli’s Blog, brings up a scene from a visit to Zappos in You’ve been Faced at the Bathroom Blogfest 2011

Arpi Nalbandian - @TileEditor - from Tile Magazine Editor Blog explains that ‘Climbing Out’ of the box takes vision, patience

Bethany Richmond from The Carpet and Rug Institute Blog takes us from slips and falls to amazing bathmat trends in Carpet, Rugs, Bathmats and Trends: Bathroom Blogfest 2011

Bathroom Blogfest 2011: Uncle Bill's Pancake House
From Diane Kazan, Urban Design Renovation Blog,
Uncle Bill's Pancake House in Ocean City, New Jersey
Patty Woodland - @BrokenTeepee - from Broken Teepee says Welcome to The Bathroom Blogfest #Bathroom EXP

Stephanie Weaver - @experienceology - from Experienceology has gathered some amazing photos in Bathroom Blogfest 2011 - incredible photos! Which is your favorite?

Christine B. Whittemore - @cbwhittemore – in Content Talks Business Blog brings together Switch, Climbing Out, Social Media and Change: Bathroom Blogfest 2011

Denise Lee Yohn - @deniseleeyohn – from brand as business bites offers the best advice I've heard offered to CEOs and business owners: note to ceo: take a crap

Chris Woelfel - @tileexperts – from Artcraft Granite, Marble & Tile Co., is conducting video interviews for Bathroom Blogfest 2011.

The first video - available below - features designer Lanette Miller who discusses the beauty of tile, especially tile bathrooms. The newest trends in tile call for a cleaner, linear, large look - quality installation is always in style especially when a beautiful, lasting project is the goal.

Click on this link to view the beauty of tile with Lanette Miller directly on YouTube.

What an amazing Day 2 of Bathroom Blogfest 2011!

I hope you'll go explore these blog articles. Then, come back and let us know what you enjoyed most!



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