Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mad Men Theme Song - With a Twist: Bathroom Blogfest 2010

So relevant to Bathroom Blogfest 2010! Stephanie Weaver from Experienceology shared this Mad Men Theme Song video with us on Facebook. At the same time, Paul Anater shared it on Kitchen and Residential Design in A Mad Men Mashup.

[Subscribers, click on Mad Men Theme Song - With a Twist on YouTube.]

Happy Bathroom Blogfest 2010!



Susan A said...

Fascinating mashup of the theme song "A Beautiful Mine" with Nat King Coles' "Nature Boy" lyrics.
Watchers of the show will appreciate that lead character Don Draper is in the process of learning this lesson. As are several other characters in the show.

CB Whittemore said...

Susan, thanks for adding these details. It's a marvelous performance and mashup.