Monday, October 26, 2009

Bathoom Blogfest 09 Has Begun!

Bathroom Blogfest 09Bathroom Blogfest 09 has officially begun!

So far, setting the stage for the week's profound inspiration, we have:

Bathroom Blogfest 09 Off & Running
Announcing Bathroom Blogfest 09!
Bathroom Blogfest 2009: Ready to Flush Recession & Plunge Into Forgotten Spaces

And, then, original thinking about Bathroom Blogfest 09:

David Reich shares Going on the Go.

Professor Toilet says that Flushing this economy will take more than the average toilet.

There's lots more ahead so do be on the lookout for #ladiesrooms09 and other mentions of Bathroom Blogfest 09.

Happy Bathroom Blogfest!

~ C.B. Whittemore

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