Friday, October 30, 2009

Bathroom Blogfest 09: Thursday's Highlights

Bathroom Blogfest 09Here are highlights from Day 4 - Thursday 10/29/09 - of Bathroom Blogfest 09. Another day of awesome posts. check them out for yourself!

From The Qualitative Research Blog: The discounted customer experience - Bathroom Blogfest 09

From Checking out and checking in: A Hospital's Hand-y Hygiene Hint

From Professor Toilet: Bathroom Blogfest 09: Flush this economy, but do it with science

From Flooring The Consumer: Hotel Bathtubs Going the Way of the Fingerbowl - Bathroom Blogfest '09

From The Carpetology Blog: Design Your Bathroom Around Your Rug!

From Simple Marketing Blog: BJ Fogg's Persuasive Bathroom Epiphany: MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer 09

From People2People Service: Kaboom Review: Clean Restrooms Do Make an Impression

From From The Floors Up: Bathroom Blogfest 09 Design Contest

From KB Culture: Clean Sweep

From Lindaloo: Bathroom Blogfest 2009: Good, Bad and Ugly Plungers

Chris Kieff shares a video of the beautiful bathroom that his wife designed and that he did the tile work on. Oh, my goodness is it gorgeous! See Ladies Room 09 Bathroom Video.

Thanks to Becky Carroll for featuring me on Customers Rock Radio on 10/9/09 to discuss customer experience and Bathroom Blogfest 09!

Happy Bathroom Blogfest!

~ C.B. Whittemore

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