Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bathroom Blogfest 09: Friday's Highlights

Bathroom Blogfest 09These are the highlights from Day 5 - Friday 10/30/09 - of Bathroom Blogfest 09!

From Customers Rock!: Bathrooms and Customer Experience

From Flooring The Consumer: The Best Bathrooms Remind You Of Home and Bathrooms & The Hospitality Experience: How Much Is Too Much?

From Lindaloo: Bathroom Blogfest 2009: A Spooktacular Loo

From Simple Marketing Now: Flush The Recession Simply & Ecologically

From From The Floors Up: Bathroom Blogfest 09 Wrap Up

Happy Bathroom Blogfest!

~ C.B. Whittemore

PS: Happy Halloween, too!

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toilet cubicles said...

Well,i missed the last year event but hopefully will have the chance to participate this year.Is it still november?

CB Whittemore said...

Toilet Cubicles, thanks for your interest. The 2010 Bathroom Blogfest will take place the last week in October. Contact me per the message I just left for you so I can add you to the list of participants.


Bath Store said...


I also missed last year, I guess there are still few more months. As I am working for a Bath Store which provides all bathroom, toilets and kitchen related cubicles, taps, tiles and bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories, we are more likely to display all new bathroom products in November.

Wish me luck :)

Bathroom Furniture

CB Whittemore said...

Bath Store, sounds like November will be perfect timing for you!


vanity units said...

Bathrooms have different styles. If you have a modern house it is most likely that you want a modern bathroom design. If you live in a manor house you will probably choose different motifs for the bathrooms in your home but I bet you probably stick to a romantic or exotic style.

CB Whittemore said...

Vanity Units, you make excellent points!

Thanks for leaving a comment.